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Commission Registration

Commission Registration:


Instead of visiting the registration office for registration, there is another option called “commission”. If we avail of this option, on payment of an extra fee, we could get the registrar and his staffs to come over to our place (the new property) to complete all the formalities of registration.

In addition to the normal registration fees,there are two categories of fees collection procedure in case of commission registration under section 31 of (IR Act 1908) . They are M(a) and M(b)

  1. M(a):-The fee for attendance under section 31 of (IR Act 1908) an officer at a private residence for exceptance of any document shall be charged Rs 50/- .
  2. M(b):-If the presentant is unable to attend the Registration office due to illness etc without risk or at a jail for presentation of a document , acceptance for registration of any document shall be charged Rs 50/-.