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Government Of Assam Revenue & Disaster Management Inspector General of Registration


  • History

    The Inspector General of Registration, Assam also works as the Superintendent of Stamps, Registrar General of Marriages etc.

          The Directorate of Registration, Assam

    Directorate of Registration in Assam is headed by the Inspector General of Registration, Assam. A senior member of Indian Administrative Service usually hold the post.  Other post in the Directorate are  two numbers  of the post of Assistant Inspector General of Registration, Assam .The post are held by departmental officer.

    Among the other officer of the Department are:-

                            1. Deputy Registrar

                            2. Senior Sub Registrar

                            3. Sub Registrar

    First two post are filled up on promotion from the departmental officers.The primary post of the Department i.e the Sub-Registrar are recruited through a competitive examination conducted by the Assam Public Service Commission.There are 9 Deputy Registrar who are also the Inspecting Officers for Registration Offices.They supervise and inspect the Registration offices falls within their Zonal Jurisdiction.

    District Establishment:-

    In all the district, the Deputy Commissioner of the district are the District Registrar.All the Registering Officers posted in the districts perform their duties under the supervision and control of the District Registrars concerned, the Deputy Registrar, the Senior Sub Registrar and the Sub Registrar in the district head quarter have no separate establishment as they belongs to the establishment of District Registrar.

    Objectives/Nature of works/Responsibilities:-

    The Directorate controls and supervises the activities of the Registration Officers of the State. The Assistant Inspector General of Registration assists the Inspector General of Registration. They are meant to safeguard the civil rights of the citizens regarding registration of a document and establishment of such right. The collection of revenue to the state exchequer is one of the major objective of Registering Officer.The Stamp Duty and Registration Fees are the components of State Revenue and collection of revenue by this Department are growing every year.

    NB:This is a brief description and complete descriptions are found in the Indian Registration Act 1908,the Indian Stamp Act,1899 etc.It is also requested that any error may be brought to the notice of the Inspector General of Registration,Assam.