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Obtain Certified Copy of Deed

Procedure to obtain certify copy of Registered documents (Deeds)

A certify copy of Registered Deeds can be obtained as per provision of the section 57 of the Indian Registration Act.

  • For this purpose an applicant will have to apply in a specific format along with stamp duty at the rate of :-

(1) Rs 5/-,if the original was not chargeable with stamp duty or if the stamp duty with which it was chargeable does not exceed 2(two) rupees.

(2) Rs 10/- in any other case not falling within the provision of section 6(A) of Indian Stamp Act, 1899.

  • The required fees for certify copy have been described under article ‘I’ of Registration Fees Table under the Indian Registration Act,1908.
  • In addition to the normal fees under Indian Registration Act,1908 one more “user charge” prescribed under ARTPS Act 2012 that is Rs500/- for G.M.C Area, Rs 250/- for Urban area and Rs 100/- for Rural areas for a certified copy of any registered document.


NB:A copy each of 

(i) the abstract of section 57 of the Indian Registration Act,1908

(ii)The rate of stamp duty

(iii) Fees under article ’I’, required for a certified copy of the registration deed are given as attachment at annexure ‘A’,’B’ and ’C’


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