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ARTPS (Assam Right to Public Service)

ARTPS (Assam Right to Public Service):


As per provision of Assam Right to Public Service (ARTPS) Act, 2012 three (3) types of user charges are taken in Registration offices for providing services in three different areas in addition to normal fee prescribed by Registration Act and Marriage Act.

  1. Issuance of marriage certificate.
  2. Issuance of Non Encumbrance Certificate.
  3. Certificate copy of Registered documents.

Marriage Certificate:


As per special marriage act,1954 and Hindu marriage Act,1955, application fee Rs2/- issue of certificate fee Rs 6/- and ARTPS fee Rs.200/-.

Issuance of Non Encumbrance Certificate:


For inspection of search of index Rs5/- for the first year and addition year Rs 3/- are taken. When an applicant requires the certificate to be furnished within three days from the date of application he shall have to pay double the fees and ARTPS fees is Rs 20/-.

Certificate copy of Registered documents:


For certify copy of registered documents a fee shall be charged @Rs 5/- for every 300(Three hundred) words. When an applicant requires his copies to be furnished within three days from the date of application he shall have to pay double the fees & ARTPS fee Rs500/- for G.M.C Area,Rs 250/- for Urban area and Rs 100/- for Rural areas.

It is seen that except marriage certificate, both issuance of Non Encumbrance certificate and Certified copy of Registered documents fees are taken as per Govt. notification no.REGN.43/86/68 dated 07/12/1989 under the purview of Indian Registration Act,1908(Act XVI of 1908) and for marriage certificate fees are taken as per Special marriage act,1954 & Hindu marriage Act,1955.

Now, it is also seen that registering public has to pay double of the fees for a single purpose i.e Normal prescribed fees by Act and ARTPS fees by Act. Govt. may enhance the prescribed fees for above mentioned areas withdrawing the additional fees prescribed by ARTPS Act 2012.

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